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Dog friendly accommodation on Dartmoor

dog-friendly-bandb.jpg  dog-friendly-accommodation-camping-dog.jpg

Click the photos to find the most dog friendly places in Devon to bring your pet.

dog-friendly-hotels.jpg  dog-friendly-self-catering.jpg

Don't forget to pack...        dog-bed-mattress.jpg                    dog-toys.jpg

Dogs know when they are coming on holiday don't they ? They pick up a vibe telling them something exciting
is going on. It's up to you whether you choose a bed and breakfast, a hotel, self catering cottage with a garden 
or if you fancy taking the dog camping with you. Does the place offered have enough outdoor space for throwing 
the ball games?  Can your dog stay overnight in your bedroom or does he/she have to sleep in the car?
I try to let you know all these details in my personal website. e-mail me with your dog pics and suggestions.

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