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Sent packing

Packing is one of those strange things… you’re either a natural, or you’re not. I confess to not being the world’s best packer. I start off with my empty suitcase lying open on the bed – there’s loads of room! I merrily plonk clothes and shoes inside – and then suddenly… it’s full! At which point I discover I haven’t got in half of what I need to take, so pull it all out and start again… after about the fifth attempt I am thoroughly flustered and end up cramming everything in and end up having to sit on the lid to try and force the case shut!

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Half Term Fun on Dartmoor

Dreading the half-term? Never fear we have plenty of ideas on how to keep your children entertained on Dartmoor.  From Medieval Beast hunts, to enjoying a ride on a steam train to just taking a stroll up to Brentor Church - Dartmoor has it all!  Here is just a small selection to keep the kids occupied ...


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