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Manaton Market

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Manaton's monthly produce market on Dartmoor

Visited on the 19th July 2011


 The good stall holders at Manaton market must be up early in the day to be in place with all their produce.

manaton-farmers-market-bread-stall.jpg manaton-farmers-market-plant-stall.jpg

No doubt there is still baking to be done in some households and some finishing touches  to pretty hanging baskets.

manaton-farmers-market-pies.jpg manaton-farmers-market-shirleys-stall.jpg

Beef steak pies to be wrapped, and Shirley's jars of chutney above, have to be loaded into boxes and transported
from where she has a roadside stall at the edge of the village. This stall has become so famous
recently that one of the clues in a treasure hunt car rally was a question about her prices !


Tupperware and labels get organised. In the case of the clothes stall lady, the clothes rail and coat hangers need sorting.


Customers are welcome through the door at 10.30 and tables are set aside for morning coffee.
The market is held on each third Tuesday of each month and on the morning I visited, nine stalls were set up.

manaton-farmers-market-meat-stall.jpg manaton-farmers-market-chutney.jpg

You never know what you will find at a local market, look at this ! Kiwi chutney ! That's a first for me.
The smiley girl on the meat stall is doing a brisk trade in her Bushwhackers wild boar cross sausages, 
and I buy a pack of 7 large bangers at £4 just before they all sell out.


Holidaymakers love produce markets and farmer's markets when they come down to Devon.
Many of the local house-wives are good cooks and they enjoy making a small profit from their surplus
of good things grown in the garden and greenhouse. I buy one of Shirley's two remaining loaves for £1.
It's a parmesan and sun dried tomato loaf. See photo below.


I love how everyone is friendly and resourceful. Don't these carrots look good ? Better than the ones in my plot.
Mine have all got 2 or 3 mis-shapen legs. Maybe I should have asked him for a few tips ?


We were eating the sausages and bread within an hour of me being home. Here's the picture.
I cooked the sausages on the cool side of my aga for 30 minutes, turning them every now
and again, added a simple salad and sliced up the fresh bread. Rob and Tom agreed with me
that sausages were excellent, meaty and full of flavour, and the loaf,
yes we ate all of it ! and it was the perfect accompaniment.

union-jack-smaller-mirror.jpgDo please make an effort to support small local markets. Local food makes sense.
Less miles to travel means less traffic on the roads, and you will be helping our Dartmoor
community to survive. Please get in touch with Gaynor Bartlett 01647 221478 or
Shirley Greenaway 01647221543 for any more information including booking the stalls.