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The Primrose Cafe

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The Primrose Cafe as I know it - the pretty cottage tearoom in Lustleigh



 It's late for lunch as my chum Pat and I drive into Lustleigh with hopes of lunching at the Primrose Cottage cafe, and catching a parking space right opposite we see through the pouring rain that the sign in the window telling us that it is closed. Almost resigned to driving off, Pat suggests that maybe she should nip over to double check the veracity of the sign, giving me the thumbs up from the shop doorway as someone turns the sign over. Good - we're in. In to a couple of pretty rooms with powder blue (surely Farrow & Ball ?) walls and a deep, quality carpet underfoot. It's funny what you take in straight away isn't it ? The whole scene is bright and cheerful,  just what we need on this miserable rainy day 

Three lady walkers enter dressed in sensible outdoor gear. They sit near to us and take it in turns to visit the (very good) washroom upstairs. One of them, a lady with her back to us has a grumble about the map or more accurately, someone else's inept map reading skills.
But the other two smile it all off, glad to be indoors and keen to order a cream tea. Pat and I choose to share 2 different sandwiches to swap half and half.
We opt for the honey roast ham with mustard at £4.95
a round and the cucumber with dill cream cheese at the same price. The very pretty waitress asks us 'white or brown bread?' and we say one of each, your choice which. When she arrives with the sandwiches,
I ask her to pose for a picture and she obliges with a willing smile. What a stunner! I tell her she's gorgeous
and she smiles again. Would that every food outlet could have as smiley a waitress on their books! 

primrose-lustleigh-sandwiches.jpg primrose-lustleigh-lunch.jpg

She sets us up for tea, and brings in our plates. It's a first time in years that a catering establishment has served me square cut sandwiches, and I wonder if it's because there's a novice in the kitchen or maybe someone who likes to ring the changes. Whichever the case, the sandwiches are fat and well filled. 

primrose-lustleigh-lemon-cake.jpg primrose-lustleigh-gingerbread.jpg 

The ham is tender and tasty, with a few good crisps at the side and a decent salad 
as accompaniments. The waitress obviously told the person who prepared all this
that we would be sharing, as they arrive ready mixed. I like it !

primrose-lustleigh.jpg primrose-lustleigh-sponge.jpg

I take a quick photo of two of the ladies as they sit and wait for their food to arrive,
and they tell me that they are from Leicestershire and South Wales, near to Barry
'where Gavin and Stacey is filmed'. I ask them if they would give me a food report on the cream teas
and they are keen to get underway. Their order arrives and all 3 get down to the serious business 

primrose-lustleigh-customers.jpg primrose-lustleigh-scones.jpg

in hand. 2 scones each, plus an eggcupful of jam and clotted cream. Well girls what do you think?


One has plain scones, and another has the fruit option. And it's good reports all round.
The scones were warm. That fact scored points. Yes they were light. The jam passed the test and so  
did the clotted cream. 10/10. So there you have it. As tested by customers from England and Wales.
The Primrose Cafe has passed with honours.


At the close of each food review, I ask the question - would we go again? 
Answer today : Yes I would go again, and it is one that I can recommend to holidaymakers.
The bill came to £13.20 for sandwiches for 2 and a huge pot of tea, normal blend and Earl Grey
mixed into one pot. I give Miss budding film star £15 and tell her to keep the change.
If you call in do mention that you have seen her photo won't you ?               

Primrose Cafe, Lustleigh, Devon, TQ13 9TJ, Website here.